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Catalog Number 2016.024.0001
Object Name Clipping, Newspaper
Title Neppel Couple Honored on 50th Wedding Anniversary
Scope & Content Photocopy of newspaper article, "Neppel Couple Honored on 50th Wedding Anniversary." "Wenatchee Daily World / 12/10/29," written in pencil in proper lower left hand corner. Photocopy is on proper right hand side of paper and typed transcription on proper left hand side; remaining transcription on reverse. Article features Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tichacek 50th wedding anniversary (last name is misspelled in article).

Transcription of article:
"Neppel Couple Honored on 50th Wedding Anniversary
Honoring Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tiehacek on their golden wedding anniversary, the children and a few friends of the family surprised them with a reunion wedding dinner at the Women's Club house on Wednesday, November 27.

Mr. and Mrs. Tiehacek each were born in Bohemia or as the country is now known, Czechoslovakia in the years 1856 and 1862 respectively. Tiehacek was 13 years old when he came to America. Mrs. Tiehacek 12. Their parents settled near Marion, Wisconsin. There the young people met and were married 50 year ago. Fifteen years later they came to Washington settling near Hartline, later moving to Stratford then to the Moses Lake country. Tiehacek being interested in the growing of fruit, planted the first orchard known as the 'old Tiehacek orchard' in the Neppel country. Later they sold this orchard and now reside in a fine Neppel residence, one of the showplaces along the highway. Mr. & Mrs. Tiehacek take pride in the flower garden.

Mr. & Mrs. Tiehacek have 10 living children and all were present, with exception of their daughter and son-in-law in Minneapolis who are the parents of six children - one grandchild is married and recently sent word that Mr. and Mrs. Tiehacek are great grandparents, an event Mr. and Mrs. Tiehacek told with pride on their wedding day. Five daughters and 4 sons, honored them on this day. Their daughters and husbands and families are: Mr. & Mrs. Lewis (Anna T) and three sons, Wright, Roland, and Benet of Portland, OR; Mr. & Mrs. O L Cline (Bessie T) of Hartline; Mr. & Mrs. John Vorha (Marie T) of Hartline; Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ewald (Della T), and Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Schneirla (Barbara T) and son Walter of Neppel; Mrs. Frank Tiehacek and daughters Iva Jean, and Frances of Coulee; Emil Tiehacek of Hartline; Mr. & Mrs. L E Tiehacek, Charles Tiehacek, and Albert Tiehacek of Neppel. The friends present were Mr. & Mrs. A H C Nysworge and Miss Sophie Hoehake of Hartline. The two familys came west on the same train with Mr. & Mrs. Tiehacek. Mr. Hoehake passed away two years ago. Other guests were Paul Cline, Frank Vorha of Hartline, Miss Crista Nielson of Odessa, Mrs. Myrtle McGregor, and Mrs. H R Smith of Neppel.

When the honor guests, children, and friends had assembled, they were ushered into the dining room where a wonderful wedding dinner was spread, and when all were seated, Wright Lewis gave an original toast to Father and Mother Tiehacek as follows:

'Married so long and happy years, sharing each other's joys and fears, treading life's pathway in unison. Sharing equal your sorrows and your fun.
The sweetest gift which comes from heaven to you, dear parents have been given children both loving and good. A fulfillment of parent hood.

Grandchildren who love you well. Who help you in harmony to dwell; to you dear mother, we offer praise for the way your children did raise.

You taught them virtues and qualities rare. Always the good things with them you'd share. You blessed them with a mother's wonderful love. A gift that is given by heaven above.

Your childrens' sufferings have been shared by you for you are a Mother that's loving and true. The most of you children have homes of their own. Their loving affection will be shown.

Whether living far away or very near, they'll always love you and proclaim you dear. Father Tiehacek we offer you praise and with you good luck the rest of your days. For your family have well provided and your providing has always been one-sided. You have helped them when in need. You have been a good Father indeed.'

Father Tiehacek's response to this tribute of affection - 'Dear Family and friends. This is a great surprise to us that you have planned. You have come to help us celebrate the 50 years of our married life.

It is a privilege enjoyed by comparatively few people in any community. Therefore, it gives us great pleasure that we are the favored ones. Our pleasure and happenings would not be complete if our loved daughter who lived in Minnesota could be able, with her good husband and her family, to share with us in this happy event.

The life in this world seems pretty hare; it is the love and sympathy which makes it worth living. To know that we have the love and sympathy of others gives us a feeling of encouragement to battle with life's problems.

Remember, dear children and friends, it is love which causes our true happiness, and its hatred and envy that causes our misery. Remember whatever we sow we will also harvest. If we sow love, sympathy, and tolerance, we will also harvest the kind we sow. Dear Children, we do well know that your all are wishing for our power to make our declining year happy. Nothing can make us more happy than to see there is harmony amongst you; that you only have love sympathy, and tolerance for each other.

We must realize that no one of us are perfect. We all have some faults. Therefore we must be forebearing and tolerant with each other. That is the only way to make this life pleasant and happy.

Fifty years of married life seams a very long time, and many hard problems must be solved in that time and many dangers must be faced. As you may know just time ago we faced a calamity. And if can go through these long years with our good health and with no bad luck, we can consider ourselves fortunate and, for this is good fortune we must be thankful. Of course, we all have our share of sorrow, but this is unavoidable in this life.

Now, we thank you dear children and friends for your expression of love to us by meeting with us today to celebrate our fifty years of married life and we hope that your will experience good fortune in life as we have.'

Mrs. Hoeluke asked the blessing of God.

A bride's cake, baked by their daughter Bessie, graced the center of the table and a wreath of orange blossoms surrounded the wedding cake. The latter topped by a wedding bell. Tall golden tapers shed their light as the bride cut the wedding cake.

Following the wedding feast through the kindness of George Hochstatter, pictures of Mr. & Mrs. Tiehacek, their children, and the assemblace were taken.

Later in the afternoon, the guests were invited to go to the home of the honored guests, where loving hands of their children hand been busy transforming their living room. When the door was opened, a handsome new rug on the floor beautiful window drape, and many other gifts greeting their eyes. A plate on the table held several gold pieces."
Dates of Creation 12/10/1929
Collection Moses Lake Museum & Art Center's Transfers
People Cline, Bess Tichacek
Cline, O L
Cline, Paul
Ewald, Della Tichacek
Ewald, Donald
Hochstatter, George
Hoehake, Mr.
Hoehake, Sophie
Hoeluke, Mrs.
Lewis, Anna Tichacek
Lewis, Benet
Lewis, Mr.
Lewis, Roland
Lewis, Wright
McGregor, Myrtle
Nielson, Crista
Nysworge, A H C
Nysworge, Mrs. A H C
Schneirla, Barbara Tichacek
Schneirla, Clarence
Schneirla, Walter
Smith, Mrs. H.R.
Tichacek, Albert
Tichacek, Charles
Tichacek, Charles, Jr.
Tichacek, Emil J.
Tichacek, Frances
Tichacek, Frank
Tichacek, Iva Jean
Tichacek, Louis
Tichacek, Mary
Tichacek, Mrs. Frank
Tichacek, Mrs. Louis
Vorba, Frank
Vorba, John
Vorba, Marie Tichacek