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Name Dills, John Franklin
Othernames John F. Dills
Born 04/12/1932
Birthplace Spokane, WA
Places of residence Moses Lake, WA
Father Paul Fulton Dills
Mother Myra Susan Brown Dills
Occupation Farmer
Relationships Grandmother: Belle Fulton Glenn Dills
Grandfather: John Henderson Dills
George Schiffner (married to Margaret Schiffner) was his first cousin.
Sister, Carol Jean Dills Slininger
Sister, Pauline Fulton Dills Swanson
Sister, Alice Myra Dills
Brother, David Willis Dills
Brother, Thomas Glenn Dills
Spouse 11/08/1949 - Vicki Anderson Dills
Children Tiffany Ann Dills b. 04/18/1981
James Dills b. 1982
Deceased 09/15/2006

Associated Records

Image of 2004.025.0061 - Book

2004.025.0061 - Book

Book, "My Friend" with box. Inscription inside front cover written in cursive in black ink: "Birthday Greetings / to / My Dear Brother Fred / from / Ruth. / March 4, 1911."

Image of 2004.025.0062 - Handbill

2004.025.0062 - Handbill

Advertisement for Neppel, WA.

Image of 2004.025.0063 - Newsletter

2004.025.0063 - Newsletter

Bulletin No. 6 of the East Columbia Basin Landowner's Association. Dated 10/18/1939.

Image of 2004.025.0064 - Pamphlet

2004.025.0064 - Pamphlet

Brochure of Land & Water Contracts of the Columbia Basin Reclamation Project.

Image of 2004.025.0065 - Calendar

2004.025.0065 - Calendar

1942 Calendar from Morning Sun Dairy of Moses Lake, WA with envelope.

Image of 2004.025.0067 - Book

2004.025.0067 - Book

Book, "Essentials in English Laboratory Method, Book III."

Image of 2004.025.0068 - Announcement, Graduation

2004.025.0068 - Announcement, Graduation

Ballard High School Graduation Announcement from 1911 in double envelope. Envelope addressed to Miss Ina Hillebrant.

Image of 2004.025.0069 - Announcement, Graduation

2004.025.0069 - Announcement, Graduation

Moses Lake High School Graduation Announcement for Miss Dale Reid from 1943 in double envelope. Announcement lists class roll, class motto, and class colors.

Image of 2004.025.0070 - Certificate, Attendance

2004.025.0070 - Certificate, Attendance

Certificate of Award for Ivan Reid from School District No. 105. Dated 05/01/1928. Signed by County Superintendent Gladys F. Washington.

Image of 2004.025.0071 - Diploma

2004.025.0071 - Diploma

Graduation Certificate from Common Schools of the State of Washington for Ivan S. Reid of District No. 105. Dated 01/31/1929. Signed by County Superintendent Gladys F. Washington, Teacher or Principal Emma S. Richards, Chairman of the Board of Directors C.W. Mitchell, Clerk of the Board of Directors Mrs. Ina I. Reid, and Superintendent of Public Instruction (signature illegible).

Image of 2004.025.0072 - Invitation

2004.025.0072 - Invitation

Invitation to open house for Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hills in envelope addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Fred Reid. Dated 02/17/1955. Invitation sent by Mrs. Kenneth Hampton.

Image of 2004.025.0073 - Pamphlet

2004.025.0073 - Pamphlet

Song Booklet of songs about Neppel High School and its basketball team.

Image of 2004.025.0074 - Card, Greeting

2004.025.0074 - Card, Greeting

Christmas card in envelope addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Fred Reid. Dated 1953. Card sent by Mr. & Mrs. R.G. Kittelson.

Image of 2004.025.0075 - Card, Greeting

2004.025.0075 - Card, Greeting

Christmas card in envelope addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Fred Reid. Card sent by Schiffners.

Image of 2004.025.0076 - Card, Greeting

2004.025.0076 - Card, Greeting

Christmas card in envelope addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Fred Reid. Dated 1953. Card sent by "Doris, Herbert, and Children." Envelope has postmark and was cancelled.

Image of 2004.025.0077 - Notepad

2004.025.0077 - Notepad

Composition book belonging to Ivan S. Reid.

Image of 2004.025.0078 - Magazine

2004.025.0078 - Magazine

Rexall Magazine from 12/1948 from Fultz Rexall Drug in Moses Lake, WA.

Image of 2004.025.0079 - Newsletter

2004.025.0079 - Newsletter

Home Painting News from Potlatch Yards, Inc. of Moses Lake, WA.

Image of 2004.025.0080 - Program

2004.025.0080 - Program

1937 Annual Commencement Week Programme.

Image of 2004.025.0081 - Card, Greeting

2004.025.0081 - Card, Greeting

Christmas card without date or envelope. Card sent by Amy Allen.