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Name Dills, John Franklin
Othernames John F. Dills
Born 04/12/1932
Birthplace Spokane, WA
Places of residence Moses Lake, WA
Father Paul Fulton Dills
Mother Myra Susan Brown Dills
Occupation Farmer
Relationships Grandmother: Belle Fulton Glenn Dills
Grandfather: John Henderson Dills
George Schiffner (married to Margaret Schiffner) was his first cousin.
Sister, Carol Jean Dills Slininger
Sister, Pauline Fulton Dills Swanson
Sister, Alice Myra Dills
Brother, David Willis Dills
Brother, Thomas Glenn Dills
Spouse 11/08/1949 - Vicki Anderson Dills
Children Tiffany Ann Dills b. 04/18/1981
James Dills b. 1982
Deceased 09/15/2006

Associated Records

Image of 2004.025.0124 - Letter

2004.025.0124 - Letter

Note to Purchaser from Publisher, J.A. Lyons & Company. Note was in hinged box entitled "Book & Outfit of Blanks and Paper Arranged for Office Methods of Practical Bookkeeping."

Image of 2004.025.0125 - Ledger

2004.025.0125 - Ledger

Ledger book with account keeping.

Image of 2004.025.0126 - Notepad

2004.025.0126 - Notepad

Webster Spelling Tablet used by Ralph Reid for Neppel School.

Image of 2004.025.0127 - Notepad

2004.025.0127 - Notepad

Blank Cascade Linen Finish Writing Tablet.

Image of 2004.025.0128 - Notepad

2004.025.0128 - Notepad

Blank The Rexall Store A-1 Writing Tablet.

Image of 2004.025.0129 - Paper, Writing

2004.025.0129 - Paper, Writing

Package of The Rexall Store Academic Filler Paper.

Image of 2004.025.0130 - Paper, Writing

2004.025.0130 - Paper, Writing

Package of blank hole punched paper.

Image of 2004.025.0131 - Newspaper

2004.025.0131 - Newspaper

Copy of Vol. 1 of Moses Lake Scoop newspaper. Date 12/1938.

Image of 2004.025.0001 - Print, Photographic

2004.025.0001 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of Chief Moses.

Image of 2004.025.0066 - Print, Photographic

2004.025.0066 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of class in front of Wheeler School.