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Name Simpson, Wm
Relationships Uncle to Adam H. East

Associated Records

Image of 1956.003.0003 - 1956.003.

1956.003.0003 - 1956.003.

Embossed soft leather shot pouch with English style metal top. Image of dog and tree on both sides. "4 / lbs" on one side of pouch, probably the size or how much weight the pouch can hold. Pouch has measuring gauge on spout. "AM. FLASK & CAP CO." on spout. From where picture of pouch looked very similar to 1956.003.0003: Antique English Leather Molded Shot Pouch . Late 19th century shot pouch for use with muzzle loading shotguns. These shot pouches were first sewn along the outside and filled with hot sand to expand the leather, then allowed to dry. A hunting dog scene is embossed on the side and a carry strap loop is sewn to the bottom. Solid brass adjustable escapeme

Image of 1956.003.0006 - 1956.003.

1956.003.0006 - 1956.003.

Metal powder flask with adjustable spout.