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Name Plateau

Associated Records

4404P - 1956.001.

Large, round basket which is completely twined. Finished with as row of coiling. Bundle warp.

4399P - 1956.001.

Tightly coiled, rigid basket with bundle foundation. Design is achieved by imbrication (an overlapping of edges). Leather handle. Nice workmanship and fairly old. Deep and flattened from side to side. Might be Northwest Coast although shape indicates Plateau.

4395P - 1956.001.

Coiled basket. Base is single rod slat foundation. Sides are rod - bundle foundation. Design accomplished by a flat, dyed element woven in and out of the coils so that first a coil passes over it, then under it. British Columbia Salish tribes use this rod base although this basket probably doesn't belong there. At any rate it is Plateau or Northwest Coast.

4400P - 1956.001.

Rigid, fairly recent, coiled basket with a bundle warp (foundation). Imbricated with a zigzag design. Base is oval in outline. Top finished in coiling but attached to basket proper only every eleven or twelve coils.

4405P - 1956.001.

Coiled basket with rods (warps) arranged vertically. Coiling is done through groups of three rods. (Rod round in cross section.) Basket large and round. No design.

4398P - 1956.001.

Very tightly coiled basket which has rods arranged vertically. Each coil encloses two rods. Plastered with mud or dung to achieve a watertight container. Handles braided.