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Name Potholes Reservoir
Details A 12-mile-long body of water is directly south of and connected to Moses Lake in southeast Grant County, WA. This reservoir with an average width of three miles was impounded for irrigation purposes by O'Sullivan Dam. The name is appropriate, as the reservoir is in an area of extensive potholes.

Associated Records

Image of 2004.012.0001 - Pamphlet

2004.012.0001 - Pamphlet

1962 Edition of guidebook to recreational activities in the Columbia Basin area of Washington. Booklet is mostly printed in black and white with a red and white cover. Booklet contains description of the "Sun Basin," recreation opportunities of the area, highlights from the communities of the Columbia Basin, scenic areas of the Columbia Basin, an overview of the surrounding dams, maps of local recreation areas, and tour suggestions for the area. Guidebook also has Classified Directory to advertisements seen in booklet. Advertisements include automobiles dealerships in Ephrata; barber shops in Ephrata, Moses Lake, and Soap Lake; bakery in Moses Lake; banks in Coulee City, Ephrata, Moses

Image of 2005.009.0001 - Postcard

2005.009.0001 - Postcard

Black and white RPPC Ellis postcard with white border. "Loading Fill Material - 3 1/2 Mile Pot Holes Dam - Columbia Basin Project" in white on bottom of image. "Pub by Ellis / No 1931" in white in proper lower left hand corner. Postcard is of line of 13 tractors hitched to large-wheeled containers (similar to dump trucks) receiving dirt from back-hoe or hydraulic shovel in unimproved area. Image of tractor hitched to large container (with number 6 painted on it) filled with dirt driving toward viewer (away from truck line) in foreground. Similar vehicle is behind it with empty container (next in line) waiting to receive dirt from back-hoe/hydraulic shovel with 11 additional tract

Image of 2006.017.0001 - Pamphlet

2006.017.0001 - Pamphlet

Brochure, published by The Moses Lake Irrigation and Rehabilitation District. Brochure front cover has "MOSES / LAKE / WASHINGTON." near top of brochure on the proper left hand side of an illustration of the state of Washington. The state is in orange and outlined in white with a black star near the middle of the state. Moses Lake is white in block lettering and Washington is in orange. Below wording and illustration is a sepia toned photograph of an aerial view of the City of Moses Lake and Moses Lake. Below photograph in white lettering is "THE AGRICULTURAL / METROPOLIS AND / RECREATION PARADISE / OF THE SUN BASIN." Wording and illustration on black background. Back cover of b

Image of 2007.018.0001 - 2007.018.

2007.018.0001 - 2007.018.

"Lytle Amis Green" pin/button from Columbia Basin Project, Potholes Dam. Button is a possible celluloid button and is comprised of yellow front with black text and metal back with clasp. Text on front of button: "LYTLE AMIS & GREEN / 880 / POTHOLES DAM." From: The contract for construction of the Potholes dam and reservoir was awarded to a joint venture of C. F. Lytle Company, Amis Construction Company, and Green Construction Company, on October 24, 1946. Work on the project began in January 1947 when crews began excavations for the outlet works and stripping the foundation area. Excavated materials were stockpiled for construction of the embankment, which began in April. T

Image of 2004.011.0004 - Print, Photographic

2004.011.0004 - Print, Photographic

Framed and matted color aerial photograph of Potholes Reservoir on Kodak paper. Image of body of water, vegetation, and trees with hills and farmland in background. "PUBLIC UTILITY DISTRICT / OF GRANT COUNTY / No. 671214 Date JUL 11 1967 / Photo By / Carl B. Lewis, M. Photog." stamped in ink on back of photo.