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Name South America

Associated Records

1956.003.0019 - 1956.003.

South American woven mat.

1956.003.0020 - 1956.003.

South American metal machete with bone or horn handle and leather sheath. Sheath has tooling and bits of leather braid. "A" on handle of machete. "COLLINS & CO. / HARTFORD / AC??? F/NO / CA?EDAD / GARANTIZADA / NO. 163 / LEGITMUS" on blade. A large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetation. From The 'machete' is normally used to cut through thick vegetation such as sugar cane or jungle undergrowth but it can also be used as an offensive weapon. There are many specialized designs for different regions, tasks, and budgets. In Central America it is not uncommon to see a machete being used for such household tasks as cutting large