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Name Wanapum Dam
Details A 7,800-foot-long hydroelectric and irrigation dam at Beverly Gap on the Columbia River in southwest Grant County, WA and northeast Yakima County was built by Grant County Public Utility District. In 1949, American soldiers, who had been held prisoners of war by the Japanese during World War II, requested the dam be named for Gen. Jonathan M. Wainwright, the hero of the defense of the Philippines at the start of World War II. The current name is of an Indian tribe which lived along the Columbia River at this point. The word means the river people. The Wanapums once numbered over 3,000 people.

Associated Records

Image of 2004.012.0001 - Pamphlet

2004.012.0001 - Pamphlet

1962 Edition of guidebook to recreational activities in the Columbia Basin area of Washington. Booklet is mostly printed in black and white with a red and white cover. Booklet contains description of the "Sun Basin," recreation opportunities of the area, highlights from the communities of the Columbia Basin, scenic areas of the Columbia Basin, an overview of the surrounding dams, maps of local recreation areas, and tour suggestions for the area. Guidebook also has Classified Directory to advertisements seen in booklet. Advertisements include automobiles dealerships in Ephrata; barber shops in Ephrata, Moses Lake, and Soap Lake; bakery in Moses Lake; banks in Coulee City, Ephrata, Moses