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Name Wilbur
Details Wilbur, WA is seventy miles west of Spokane in the San Poil Mining District on Goose Creek in northwest Lincoln County. In 1887, it was founded by Samuel Wilbur Condit, homesteader. The original name Goosetown was for Sam Condit's nickname, Wild Goose Bill, and was applied to his trading post. He is presumed to have shot into a flock of wild geese, killing a neighbor's gander. In 1889, the name was changed to its present form, for Condit's middle name.

Associated Records

Image of 1959.004.0010 - Print, Photographic

1959.004.0010 - Print, Photographic

Black and white photo with white border of a group of Native Americans on horseback including Chief Joseph. Image of at least twelve probable Native Americans dressed in regalia/traditional Native American dress and blankets riding on horseback in field with hills in background. Dress includes feather headdresses. Note on back of photo written in blue ink: "10- Chief Joseph going to the Wilbur Fair / taken by Thos. McGee, Wilbur 1905." From Notes on Photographs: "Group 2: 6 Pictures" Photo: Group 2 No. 2: "Chief Joseph going to Wilber fair 1905." Chief Joseph was the Chief of the Nez Perce from 1871 until his death in 1904.

Image of 2004.023.0001 - Photograph, Cabinet

2004.023.0001 - Photograph, Cabinet

Black and white photograph with white border of Chief Moses and his family posing for photograph in Wilbur, WA on July 4, 1898. Image of three probable young Native American women on proper right hand side of older probable Native American man with one probable young Native American woman and one probable young Native American man on proper left hand side of older man. All six people appear to be dressed in traditional Native American dress/regalia and all are on horseback with saddles and stirrups. Older man's horse appears to have regalia. The four woman and young man have their hair in braids and older man appears to be wearing feather head dress. Women each have two earring