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Catalog Number 1956.003.0023
Accession number 1956.003.
Object Name Musket
Description Muzzle loading military musket from 1880. Decorative engraving on lock. Checkering on stock. "64" inscribed inside patch box lid.

Tag found with object: "Muzzle Loading Military Musket. Converted to Breach Loading 12 Gage Shotgun about 1880." Barrel appears too small to be 12 gage nor does to appear to be breech loading.

From Wikipedia.org: A musket is a muzzle-loaded, smoothbore long gun, which is intended to be fired from the shoulder. The date of origin of muskets remains unknown, but they are mentioned as early as the late 14th century in Chinese military books such as Huo Long Jing. Muskets were primarily designed for use by infantry. Improved with the introduction of rifling around 1800, muzzle loading rifled muskets (of the kind common during the Crimean War) became obsolete by the late 19th century, as cartridge breechloading repeaters superseded them. However, rifled muskets were the most common weapon used up until the late 1870s. Typical musket calibers ranged from .50 to .80 inches (12.7 to 20.3mm). Depending on the type and caliber, it could hit a man's torso at up to 200 yards, though it was only reliably accurate to about seventy yards. A soldier primarily armed with a musket had the designation musketman or musketeer.
Collection Adam East Collection
Date 1880 c.a.
Source East, Adam
Collector Adam East
Material Metal
People East, Adam H.